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88 posts
Talk about anything BeeStation related!
83 posts
Suggest cool new ideas or features for the site, server, and discord!
Ban Appeals
297 posts
Here is where you tell us all 37 reasons why you shouldn't be banned, and plead for our mercy.
Staff Applications
372 posts
And this is the place where you tell us all 38 reasons why you should be staff.
Player Reports
196 posts
Here is where you can report players or admins for misbehaving.
22 posts
Submit sprites, lobby screens, sound effects, music, etc. that you made for BeeStation!
21 posts
BeeStation is newbie friendly, so submit any guides to new (or old) players here!
39 posts
The place to explain your opinions, and give us all the reasons why you are right.
Wall Of Shame
27 posts
If your thread gets moved here, you know you've done something wrong.
1164 posts
Every thread there is
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