This is a small issue, but one that I've come to realize is actually a flaw in the map, and not someone breaking it. There is a disposal tube left of the entrance of xenobio in maint that is just missing a tile. Like its just not there. Half of everything put into the disposal loop gets spit out at the xenobio maint door, if not even more than half. I the first time I saw it I thought "someone broke the tube" but like the 5th time I saw it I realized that it spawns like that. Its ALWAYS broken. This actually causes more issues than just trash getting flung at my door all the time. If someone gets dumped in there, they cannot get out of that maint area. Like my previous comment on the map says, Maint is not very good on Kilo. Its crowded, has a ton of doors you cant open, and its just a mess. That xenobio maint can get multiple people stuck in it, unable to leave through any door, simply because a single asset was not placed in a spot where it should be.

Its a small issue, and is an easy fix, but is an issue none the less.