Full disclosure, I was the HoP that round, I got the ahelp about this after I had been incinerated by a griefer(not this guy).

I don't support this appeal. If you have a problem with the way security is operating, ahelp that. Don't murder security because they arrested you for having shit that you weren't supposed to have. As far as I recall this was nuke ops, not war ops, so people didn't actually know there were nuclear operatives at the time you were arrested.

Yes, security should formally process prisoners, and yes they should either give you a timer or formally permabrig you. But them being bad, new, the station being 90% on fire(which it was), or some combination of the above does not give you liscence to murder them, especially when the reason you were arrested to begin with was 100% valid.

You know this kind of shit isn't cool because you have a note where you were arrested by the Captain, were later released, and then murdered and looted them. You also have several server bans on your record for similar behavior.