@Zeskorion: I am not sure I would call it pride, more a lack of understanding. Zanos says that I was not banned for killing the guy, however if that is the case then I truly do not understand why he banned me. His instructions, while blunt, aren't exactly very clear. They were essentially "Don't kill again." Now I am assuming that he means don't kill someone that does the same things as the griefer did, but frankly I don't understand why. And for whatever reason he is unwilling to explain why I was not justified in killing him. (And if I was justified in killing him, then his instructions definitely don't make sense)

Additionally if someone attempts to attack and/or grief me, I cannot guarantee their safety. Because if I believe that the individual actually understands combat, and/or has access to multiple stuns, I will do everything in my power to ensure that they are not given a window to be able to click on me (because if they get that chance, I am dead). Unfortunately, this means I will often forget to check their vital signs, and as a result they may end up dead before I even realize that they were in critical. Even against more unrobust foes I will forget to check their vital signs sometimes, and thus end up killing them. Of course, if I have a set of handcuffs and some way to stun them, then I will just use that on them which alleviates that whole issue. Though I don't always get access to handcuffs every round, nor do I always get access to a stun.