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BeeStation best moments

This thread is meant to be an image megathread for all of the screenshots you have of the best moments on the server

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I ate my ass once
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I gave [someone who should be responsible] a death plague culture

Everyone dies the end

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I was the CMO and was bored as fuck since nothing major was going on until some dude called Tyrone came to chem in order to obtain some meth. Me being the responsible CMO that I am offered to amputate both of his legs and arms for a lifetime supply of pure crystal meth. He agreed. After amputating all of his limbs, I carried my new nuggetbro to chem where I started making some meth for him. It didn't go very well. The heater apparently already had something inside it being heated when I tried to put the meth, which resulted in an explosion that nearly killed both me and Tyrone. After getting our wounds tended, I grabbed him and took him to the bridge where I encountered the captain. I asked the captain for All Access so that I could get Tyrone his meth easier, which he declined. To show my discontent I used the captain's announcement console to point out that Tyrone wanted meth. The captain told me that he was making an important announcement and that this was "mutiny". I had to get my man Tyronne some meth by this point, he was twitching like hell and I was concerned for his wellbeing so I threw him at the captain and knocked him over. I couldn't have timed it worse since the HoP walked in just as I threw Tyrone and shot me down with disabler beams. The captain got up, put Tyrone on a chair and decapitated me on the spot. My man Tyrone also died from toxin damage a few minutes later since he was deprived of meth for a bit too long.

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qwerty made it monkey round on donut station

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