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Termina Transportation Megacorps

We are working on a new update for BeeStation, that is gonna add a lot of new content at the end. The update will bring many new items, jobs, outfits and factions to the server. We have a Discord for it here:

What's it all about? The update will add a main faction called Termina Transportation. A megacorps that expands in weapon technology and generally military equipment. While also having many facilites in space for transportation.

Other things we wanna add is in the list below.

Up to date wiki - Updating the wiki to have everything in the codebase and it's content.

New jobs - Getting new and fresh jobs for people to do.

New weapons - I know a lot of you are excited for blowing people's brains out, us too!

Hardsuits/Suits/Accessories - We are making new suits, new hardsuits, and much more for the new jobs.

New map - Making a fresh new station, that you all can make to a chaotic mess!

Food - New food is good food. That's what my ma used to tell me.. Or something..

"Space law" changes - So Termina isn't nanotrasen, and therefore has their own laws and rules. So make sure to read them before doing a shift.

Items - All sorts of new items.

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i don't know man...

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