16 hours
[x] is op and I ded, ples nerf.

What needs to be rebalanced?

16 hours

Shits unbalanced as fuck, maybe dont give them 10 dna points from the start.

16 hours
I agree lings are op.

They should start with like 5.

14 hours
The old stunbatons...

maybe it won't be so popular, but why we didn't follow up in nerfing stun batons letting them only doing stamina damage and requiring 5 or 6 hits to down someone?

Flashes burn out so I think they are still fine, but if we wish to nerf them for letting them just making the screen blank, I'm totally for it!

14 hours
On the topic of Changelings

Yes they are a very broken aids antag type, considering the amount of get out of jail free cards they get. Stuns? Pop adrenals, infinite CNSS basically. Need a weapon? Armblade, cannot be disarmed from you and deals as much or more damage than an esword, along with being undetectable. Ranged weapons? Tentacle and you can either A. disarm them, B. ignore all armor and stab them, C. immediately get an aggressive grab or D. cover the distance and get them over to you. Disease or chemicals? Anatomic panacea and force it out instantly countering it. Taking damage? Spam fleshmend and be effectively unkillable unless they use a flamethrower, which you can just run away from or fake death out of. Even worse, there's no way to detect who is a changeling, and even if there was, its such an arduous process they could easily kill you. Oh yeah, invisibility to the AI or other people, being able to see through walls, and to top it all of:

You can change your loadout on the fly.

You can create deadly simplemobs that roam the station and spam the ability.

But you can readapt by just absorbing a SINGLE person, letting you switch your loadout on the fly meaning that they are inherently unpredictable to counter due to the fact they have so many get out of jail free cards and could potentially change their entire loadout within seconds, all while being nigh undetectable and having the best impersonation abilities in game.

They have extreme stealth abilities but also have some of the best combat abilities in game.

8 hours
On lings

I think they should have hivemind chat and team objectives removed so they can't work together with no fear ever of eavesdropping. Also we need to fix the blood test to actually work, since they are pretty much undetectable outside their own fuckups.

You're exaggerating Lagomorphica, lings can only swap their loadout when they husk someone, which takes a loooong time and is very risky. Chems regenerate slow and have a low cap, no ling can do all those things. If you cuff a ling that doesn't have the cuff escape you can gib or cremate them fairly easily. I've personally killed 3 lings in the same round by myself with a disabler, cuffs, and a cremator. Lings only have so many chems to spend on reviving, adrenals etc.

Despite all the bitching I've rarely, if ever, seen lings fuck up the station like a ninja or wizard.

8 hours
Lings and cult and revs

Lmao just remove combat abilities to make em stealthy stealth. Dont remove armblade, but nerf it to around 20 or 15 brute

Cult: cult gear is powerful and so are their spells. Give them a universal cooldown between spell casts other than cuffs. Make their stun shorter, and mute for less time. To make their gear less powerful, literally just dont give em runed metal roundstart so they gotta make it themselves

Also, change it so both spells snd runes need a sharp implement, but not necessarily a ritual dagger

Revs: replace with gang lamo

7 hours
Make borgs less susceptible to flashes

Seriously one flash and you're dead

7 hours
on lings^2

instead of removing their harm capabilities, we need to give them downsides, like cant grab or have a very low chance to do so while you have armblade, tentacle having a high cooldown, or ling sucking making a distinctive noise.
call me gay, but with a few edits goon lings can be a replacement for these, and has some downsides like the grab fail with claw/armblade on and other cool mechanics, such as the hivemind or the limb minions, besides horror form.

5 hours
On lings 999

Literally just remove or nerf resonant shriek into oblivion and half the problems will be gone.

The other half is

-You can literally spacewalk with no Oxygen or Space Suit using Fleshmend.
-Anatomic Pancaea should cost 2 instead of 1.
-Adrenaline Sacs are absolute bullshit. Traitors have to spend a boatload of TC for the same ability and even then it's limited to only 3 uses. Here, you can just spam them.
-Team objectives for lings should outright be removed.
-Cryogenic Stings can put someone out of the game for 10-15 minutes and they don't have ANY drawbacks. NONE.
-Mute Stings can allow you to stun and mute someone, giving them literally no chance to do anything.
-Have I mentioned how stupid resonant shriek is? You can run into brig, use it, take a stun baton and kill everybody since they keep running into walls for the next 30 seconds.

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