9 weeks
Have more Antags in one round

I for one enjoy having multiple antag during one round my fav being 'Hands Of God'(blood cult vs clockcult) and i think we need to have these more often

i would love to see a wizard and clown op with nukies wbu

just to make it clear im looking at it from both sides im one of those players that are quick on their feet and make weaponry so as a normal player i would be ok

9 weeks
Sounds good

I've always wanted to see lings vs blood cult. Speaking of hands of god I really want that damn gamemode back along with shadowling

9 weeks
its fun in theory

until you realize that the station can barely handle traitors on their own, and changelings are already overpowered as fuck, and traitor + changelings is already in the rotation

beestation is already freaking anarcho-de leonism even on extended rounds, with self antaggers gas flooding and committing grand theft almost, if not, every round

9 weeks

More antags mean being more paranoid, and everyone is already paranoid so it wouldnt be more fun

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