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More Consideration Should Go Into Bans

I have been playing ss13 for a few months now and I absolutely love the game. Beestation is my favorite server because Im still relatively new but people help me progress and are very accepting and because of that I have dramatically improved as a player, even feeling confident to take on some pretty large roles that include captain. But unfortunately I face a lot of split second decision bans that bar me from playing very fun positions that are my favorite to play. I feel that my perspective is hardly considered when I am trying to defend myself from accusations of being a purposely awful player. There have been multiple times where I have appealed (and won) a ban simply because a neglectful admin didnt take everything into consideration but later realized (or was pressured into realizing) they made a mistake. But this week has truly taken the cake where I have been banned from all sec roles and head roles at the same time for minimum 7 days. The sec ban and head ban happened so fast and one of my appeals has not even been looked at by the admin even days after the ban. In each case I have a considerable defense that proves Im not trying to be some trigger happy griefer. I am just trying to have fun and I feel that some admins forget that this is just a game that also happens to take a lot of learning and experience. Sure Im not perfect and I make mistakes but that doesn`t mean I should be banned.
Bans should only be given to players who are purposely griefing or continuously ignore admin warnings/advice.
Bans should not be given to people who are willing to learn and try to be better next round.
I just feel that bans are given too easily and that it ruins the fun for daily players who just want to play and learn.

5 weeks

Notes are a thing.

4 weeks

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