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Syndicate Factions 5

Factions of the Syndicate Volume V: Cybersun Industries

Cybersun Industries is a large megacorporation that conducts research and development of organic-enhancing cybernetics. Cybersun Industries is the current leader of the Syndicate, succeeding the Gorlex Marauders who founded the coalition originally. They are infamous for their ruthless corporate tactics and influence the Gorlex Marauders heavily, often using them for dangerous operations.

Cybersun operatives are equipped with dangerous mind-manipulating devices typically disguised as flashbulbs. Cybersun Industries has been observed brainwashing Nanotrasen employees using these flashbulbs and inciting mutinies among enemy stations and outposts. Side effects have been observed due to the experimental nature of this technology and very rarely the victim's personality changes completely. Certain religious figures believe those who lose their personality have had their soul replaced with another upon conversion.

Cybersun Industries has neutral relations with most major factions among the Syndicate. Operatives from Cybersun Industries have been observed running joint-operations with a secretive faction referred to as MI13. Cybersun Industries heavily influences decisions taken by the Gorlex Marauders. Some experts believe that the Gorlex Marauders will be absorbed by Cybersun Industries within the next two decades.