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Ancient Constructs

I got up out of my chair and looked at the Tavern. I stretched and left quietly, trying to make myself unnoticable. I looked at the sun though the clouds. It was barely visible, and I knew that if I wanted to arrive at the Sanguine Lab before nightfall, I would have to travel Immediately. I stretched once more before sprinting away into the forest. I carelessly sprinted through the thickett, branches and twigs swatting at my face as I ran through the greenery. I heard someone behind me, and then I heard it. The instantly Identifiable shriek of a Bane. I started running as fast as I physically could, adrenaline pumping through my veins, and as if my efforts were futile, the runes began appearing. I kept running until I saw the metal door to the lab. I rolled inside, shutting and locking the barricade. I looked at the lab assistant, who looked confused and terrified. "Wheres Marceline?" I asked. "No Idea, she went out to try and fix the power thirty minutes ago. This rusty metal rod can only sustain a small lab, let alone ours..." He muttered. "Fuck it, lets do the experiment." I laughed. I approached the cylindrical tube, as it slid open. I stepped inside, exhaling a shaky breath. I felt the strange liquid begin filling the tube as the experiment started. I knew I would either regret this idea or thank the stars I did it. I felt myself grow numb to my surroundings, as all my senses but sight and hearing left me. I closed my eyes for what seemed like an eternity.