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The man in a coat

The man in a coat

Once at our space station 13, some curious stuff happened.
A typical employee was on their way to their workplace, and they saw an unconscious man in a coat.
With a feeling of danger, the worker decided to carry him to the medbay. Well, the stuff turned to be a bit more complicated. The man in a coat appeared to be a plasma man. It turned out that his internal plasma tank had run out of gas in it and he started choking. Every plasma man present on the station must wear his plasma suit because other races are breathing oxygen. There fore without it plasma people will ignite in an oxygen-rich and eventually die.
By the time man in a coat got carried to a medbay, his races' species become a problem. Doctors quickly got rid of the syndromes caused by plasma deprivation, but there was a big problem left behind: "Where can we get a new plasma tank?". They decided to get him an industrial capacity tank from the Research&Development department. Quickly they dragged him to the department. The goal roo
m was toxins room. Well usually people make bombs in it from plasma and oxygen mixes, but their mission was the opposite. Quickly scientist made their way through the R&D, and they took a fresh plasma tank. In a matter of seconds, they attached it to the internals system of the enviro suit. He wakes up.
We've done it! Every face gets a smile on it, and everybody hoorays!
Help people, don't just leave them dying, maybe YOU will be the next lifesaver.