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Races: Felinids

The Many Space Races: Felinids

The Felinid, or catgirls because they are usually girls, are human derived catlike mutants. They can be told apart by their catlike extra ears and their catlike tail. While the exact origin is unknown, what is known is that they rejected their humanity because...the exact reason is unknown.

Felinids often stick together, and some people of other races find them attractive. Those are the only advantages Felinids have.
They often find themselves the targets of discrimination, and they are weaker to loud noises due to their sensitive hearing.
In terms of how they act, while there is some variation, most of them tend to be rather energetic, though perhaps not the sanest individuals. Most of them tend to be more pleasant, in spite of the hatred they usuall recieve. Asimov lawsets do not protect them, but like with all other races, Crewsimov does if they are on the crew manifest.