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A Gentle Rose

A Gentle Rose

As I wandered through a wasted land

My attention, something did demand,

A gentle rose, vibrant and lively

Underneath a withered tree.

I asked it, "How rose?"

"How can you be so full of life, from your head to your toes?"

The rose answered "Because with love and care I was raised."

I replied "And yet you persevere, after this accursed soil has been razed?"

The rose said "I am aware that conditions are dire."

"To tell the truth, it has made me tire."

I questioned once more "How can one hold on to hope?"

"What is it that lets you cope?"

The rose spoke again "There is evil, more than enough, I know."

"But I would be worse, were I to make that number grow."

It was then the rose fell quiet.

To know something that would hope rather than riot

Gave me comfort.

To know something shan't contribute to the world's hur