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Duo vs. Gangs

It was a typical shift on going for a curious chemist who's trying to do his job. As on their way to the Space Station 13, chemist got a message from CentComm which said: "Station needs a captain, there are no other choices but you, we've set your ID permissions to 'All-access' ". There was nothing else than accept the duty call. Captain quickly arrives on the station, but as a typical worker, as the head of everything on this station. Captain quickly wears the Captain's jumpsuit and carapace. Same as always, it's time to handle this station. First of all, the Security Department inspection. Because of the lack of officers, Captain decides to recruit some officers. The station won't last long if there won't be any. By some unknown reason, Mime appears to be in the Brig area. Simultaneously Mime takes out an implanter from their pocket and tries to implant Captain. Captain hits Mime and shoots a couple of shots from an energy rifle. Mime is down and cuffed. After a quick search, it turns out that Mime is a gang leader that was trying to break Captain's mind shield implant to recruit them. As the protocol says Captain executed Mime by giving them a lethal injection. It was clear that gangs are at the station.
A geneticist comes to the Security and asks for a job change. It turns out that it's an old friend of the Captain, so they become the primary command duo that was fighting gangs. An ex-geneticist gets highest security access as the Head of Security, but there wasn't any, so it wasn't a big deal. It was time to visit the Cargo Department, as it's one of the most vulnerable places for gangsters to strike that gives one of the highest rewards - a gun supply (and some other military stuff that nobody cares to order, you need the gun first, right?). Quartermaster greets the duo. Captain tells Quartermaster to order mind shields to secure other crewmembers and 'de-convert' bad ones. An additional call from Captain was saying to order one Automati
c Security Rifle. "An outdated and unpractical weapon that became useless after the invention of laser-based weaponry" - cargo manifest says. The Captain doesn't think so, laser-based weaponry can become unreliable due to Electro-Magnetic Impulses. Other than that it just shoots terribly, the effectiveness is not sufficient, no way to recharge it during the shoot out makes it a bit of a blind technology choice. And on the opposite side - no concerns about EMP presence, the switchable clip makes it a somewhat a safe choice. By this time the first shipment of mind shields arrived. Captain and their's Friend took the cases and went mind shielding the most valuable crew. Captain went to the Research and Development department. Captain implanted Research Director and Robocists so they won't create a new weaponized mech with tons of guns to destroy the station. It was a pretty large amount of workers in R&D itself, so it was up to RD to care about their department. As the duo meets in Cargo for another mind shield shipment, Captain sees that there is a crate out of insulated gloves. That means their rifle should've arrived already, but there is no such crate. Captain asks Quartermaster about this, and the Quartermaster answers, that he doesn't know anything about the rifle, understanding the situation Captain's friend starts implanting Quartermaster, but they resist and start shooting.
A shooting with lethal and non-lethal weaponry ends up in a win for non-lethal. Quartermaster falls exhausted and instantly gets cuffed. He can't resist now! A mind shield implant and Qm's thoughts about gangs have vanished. Captain finally takes their rifle. It was a matter of time to defeat gangsters. After some random walks and inspections, Captain sees an assistant wielding a toolbox covered in-blood. At on their eyes assistant hits a botanist in the head. Captain cuffs that idiot, takes a sawed-off combat shotgun, puts it's barrel into their mouth and pulls the trigger. A splash of
blood left on the floor after that. That was the last one. The win is ours.
The NanoTransen has won the antagonists once again!
Glory to NanoTransen!