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Plague Doctor Part 1

There was once an autistic man called the mime. He worked on space station 13.He was constantly harrased by his crewmembers and was generally dislike by everyone. One day the clown was found dead in on of the maintenance tunnels. The detective declared it was homicide. Security instantly blamed the mime for murdering his fellow entertainer as they said he was jealous that the clown had much better pranks then him. The mime could not defend himself as he had taken a vow of silence. The Head of Security decided that the mime would be lynhed in front of the entire crew. The mime in response to this ran away from security and hid near the bar. The mime decided he was sick of shitcurity and the entirety of the crew in general and to walk the path of darkness. He went to the entertainment room and opened the costumes locker. He took out the plague doctors outfit and wore it. He was determined to take revenge on the crew for wronging him.