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DontStayHere 5

Don't Stay Here

Part 5

Divided you stand, lonely you exist. Sober days pass, and alcoholic pleasures take their place. You being to question the meaning of your existence. Why were you put here? To slowly destroy yourself in some sort of pathetic excuse to cope with the depression you have spiraled into? You've had enough; you're exhausted and out of breath.

You lie lifeless on the floor of a house you haven't left in days. The cold rain splashes against the thin glass. It's the only sound you can hear-tap, tap, tap. The peacefulness drives you insane. Hours pass before you manage to bring forth the strength to pick yourself off the ground. You gaze outside and through the fog you notice a gentle glisten of light. A light so pure in its existence you cannot help but continue to stare into the void.