Welcome to BeeStation

It appears you have stumbled into the cozy corner of the BeeStation website. This website is meant to be informative. It has a list of archived rounds, the rules for the server, a server statistics page, a page to review server bans, and links to many more places you should visit!

BeeStation is a Space Station 13 server, hosted by CthulhuOnIce, which was created in March 2018. We focus greatly on being newbie friendly. We are a Low RP server. Our codebase is /tg/, but we are constantly striving to change up our code and add in new features. We love to put a touch of fun into every round to keep things interesting.

Our server is open source, so feel free to contribute to the code! We also have a Discord server with a great helpful community, a forum for ban appeals, staff applications, or other things, and an Informative Wiki.

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