Welcome to BeeStation

It appears you have stumbled into the cozy corner of the BeeStation website. This website is meant to be informative. It has a list of archived rounds, the rules for the server, a server statistics page, a page to review server bans, and links to many more places you should visit!

BeeStation is a Space Station 13 server, hosted by Beeskee, which was created in march 2018. We focus greatly on being newbie friendly, while also following the concept of Medium RP. Our codebase is /tg/, but we are constantly striving to change up our code and add in new features. We love to put a touch of fun into every round to keep things interesting.

Our server is open source, so feel free to contribute to the code! We also have a Discord server with a great helpful community, a forum for ban appeals, staff applications, or other things, and an Informative Wiki.

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