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Plague Doctor pt2

He killed the bartender with a broken bottle of space beer and then used his sawed of shotgun to kill the cook. He butchered the chef and made steak out of his meat. He then put rat poison on the meat. He then filled as many drinking glasses as he could find with welding fuel and renamed them to cranberry juice. He then used the chefs radio to call a party in celebration for the mimes lynching. MO=ost of the crew came including some members of security. The mime was disgusted about how the crew was celebrating over his death. When the part ended the mime trailed one of the security officers out of the bar. Eventually along with most of the crew who had beeen to the party the ecurity officer doubled over. The mime went and killed the security officer and took his gear. He went to security and took the ion rifle from the armory. As soon as he came out of the armory he began unloading into any security officers he could find.